iQera Legal, where legal excellence meets innovation.

iQeral Legal S.t.A. a r.l., company beatween lawyers participated by iQera Italia S.p.A., was founded in 2023 thanks to the many years of experience gained by our Professionals in the NPL market (Non Performing Loans) and UTP (Unlikely To Pay) and consolidated through the Master Legal services.

With a team of more than 160 highly skilled lawyers, our strength is the ability to provide multidisciplinary support, addressing complex legal challenges with maximum efficiency and offering innovative solutions and advanced technical skills.


Our lawyers carry out the activity of recovery of the credit with the primary objective to optimize the results, maximizing the receipts and reducing the costs for the own customers in the least possible time.

The activity is carried out with the help of the MASTER LEGAL process – patented by iQera Italia S.p.A. – that allows to manage every single position, from the out-of-court phase to the execution, using a dedicated software that automates the process of drafting the acts and monitoring the judicial stages.

Our Legal Team dedicated to the transactional phase deals with the good-natured settlement of disputes, while the Litigation Team manages each phase of the litigation through the dense network of domiciliators throughout the country.

Thanks to the expertise of dedicated Teams we provide legal assistance, out of court and judicial, offering specialized services for the management of portfolios and individual problematic credits, identifying effective strategies through the design of appropriate Business Plan.

The periodic definition and revision of the operational plans and the constant monitoring of the assignments allow us to optimize the management costs and to maximize the results for our customers.

We also provide customized and professional solutions to address legal challenges and ensure the success of the tasks entrusted to us.

Our professionals through an accurate document analysis reconstruct the portfolios of credits entrusted and determine the right value of these. They analyze guarantees, mortgages and other formalities to ascertain the presence of any critical issues, trough «Data Remediation» and «Data Sanity Check» activities, and identify the best recovery strategy offering a complete and detailed overview of the debt situation giving our customers a clear and realistic view of the recoverable value.

The activity is transversal to the managed assignments and offers a precious support to the operations of onboarding and the management of the portfolios constituting a guarantee of the success of the operations of acquisition and the rapidity of the return of the debtor exposures.

Our specialized Team carefully assesses the economic and financial situation of each individual, individual or corporate, providing timely effective technical assistancelegal framework for the recovery of the debt exposure and the reconstruction – pro futuro – of solid and sustainable cash flows.

In a credit market increasingly oriented to a «collateral based approach», our team of lawyers acts as an intermediary during the process of valuing real estate to guarantee credit by promoting properties subject to judicial auction in an integrated and innovative way with the aim of anticipating the award of the asset and, at the same time, to minimise depreciation.

In a logic of full process outsourcing, the Auction Support Service provides visibility to the real estate on the market, attracting potential investors and limiting subsequent reductions of the auction base value that would penalize the recovery of the credit boasted.


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